Monday, July 02, 2007

Ankara'dan Kaş'a... and back!

From Ankara to Kaş... and back again! Fulya's parents were quite excited about my visit and planned to take us to Kaş, a lovely town on the Mediteranean coast. About an 10.5-hour drive from Ankara (with plenty of breaks on the way). But I got to see a lot of the landscape in Turkey--from the desert area around to the Mediteranean coast, you can imagine that there is a lot of variation in between. On the way down, I remembered my Dramamine but did not realize that it is only effective for 5 to 6 hours... I got pretty woozy about an hour and half away from Kaş... I quickly took more Dramamine, which helped a bit... I definitely remembered it on the way back though! We stayed in a lovely pansiyon 'pension' (is that an appropriate word in English? perhaps 'inn' is better? I would have said bed & breakfast, but there was no breakfast. any other suggestions?) in the center with a lovely view of the center and the sea. Fulya and I went swimming each morning at like 6:00 am! The water was cold! But a great way to wake up! It is such a lovely, laid-back, relaxing town. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to go back!

Apparently, kaş means 'eyebrow' in Turkish. The story goes that Meis, the name of the Greek island off the coast (visible from Kaş) means 'eye', so the Turkish town is the 'eyebrow' for the island 'eye'. Funny how places get their names! ^^

Kaş'a 'To Kaş'

A lovely place where we stopped for
kahvaltı on the way. We had gözleme (read previous post for a description) and Türk çayı 'Turkish tea'. Çok güzel!

Turkish landscapes

Tea break!

More landscape

Kaş'ta 'In Kaş'

Views from the balcony of the pansiyon. The Mediteranean! Gorgeous, eh? Jealous?

A view of Kaş itself from my balcony.

A view of the Greek island of Meis from the Hellenistic amphitheater in Kaş.

Lovely flowers and a small bay near where Fulya's family will build their own house in Kaş!

Dinner on our last night in Kaş. Fulya's parents are so nice and friendly, very lovely people. Our conversations were a mix of French, Turkish and English...
Great fun for a linguist like me!

On the road back to Ankara.
We stopped for a mini-picnic and for a stretch--just two hours left!


Blogger Genevieve said...

wow, it looks amazingly beautiful! I am totally jealous and now Turkey might be on my list of places to visit next...

Wednesday, July 04, 2007 11:15:00 AM  

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